About Us

We are located 45Km away from Seven Ranges Hotel in Moroto town which is affiliated to River Lokichar Wildlife Conservancy and we border Matheniko-Bokora Wildlife Conservancy. It is about a 45 minutes’ drive westward from the Hotel.

The area is approximately 72 square kilometers of land and is composed of mainly the savanna grasslands, which is home to wildlife such as bright gazelles, ostriches,  kuddus,  and beautiful unique birds of more than 200 species.

The wildlife conservancy also has a wide range of wild trees like the Acacia white backed trees good for bee-keeping and feeding giraffes.

The acacia grassland together with various trees are a home to various forms of fauna.

During the dry season the temperature ranges from 29 to 32 degrees Celsius compared to the wet season when the temperatures range from 22 to 24 degrees Celsius During the two seasons, the main activities include viewing of beautiful rocks, watching of wildlife including warthogs, kudus, bright gazelles, ostriches, snakes, etc. Other activities include picnics, camping, sunbathing, rock climbing, sunset/rise view and honey moon visits among others.

Our Story

River Lokichar Wildlife Conservancy Lopeei (U) Ltd was established with the goal of promoting sustainable tourism that centers on nature and culture. Situated in Napak district along the Kotido-Moroto highway, adjacent to the Lokichar River and the shores of the Nangolol-Apolon River, the conservancy shares borders with the Bokora-Matheniko Game Reserve. Registered on March 16th, 2020, the conservancy covers 72 square kilometres of land acquired in 2013 through the efforts of Lopeei elders.

This vision took shape in 2010, while the concept of a wildlife conservancy was developed through clan meetings in 2017. By 2018, significant progress was made, including the construction of access roads (tracks within the conservancy) and the creation of a master plan funded by Seven Ranges Hotel Ltd.

The Founder

The founder, Mr. Peter Lokwang, facilitated an educational tour to national parks in 2019 to enlighten the elders about the importance of the conservancy, transforming them into enthusiastic tourism advocates. Peter applied for a ranching license and is in the process of establishing facilities for community tours and accommodations to support the conservancy’s tourism initiatives. Additionally, Peter established a tourism firm, Seven Ranges Tours and Travels, and appointed board members to further advance the conservancy’s objectives.

Recently Spotted

Recently, 50 buffalos, a cheatah and an elephant were spotted inside the conservancy

Our Vision

To create a sustainable conservation and cultural haven, uniting communities and nature in harmony for generations to come.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to fostering sustainable tourism, protecting wildlife, and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Karimojong people through engaging experiences that inspire understanding and appreciation.

Our Objectives

  1. Enhance cultural exchange and economic development through community-tourism activities (Forming River Lokichar Cultural & Eco-tourism troupe to sensitise the community of the importance of wildlife).
  2. Provide a range of immersive experiences that showcase both Karamojong traditions and natural beauty.
  3. Improve accessibility and infrastructure for the benefit of  conservation, tourism and community at large.
  4. Develop a comprehensive and well-managed world-class accommodation offering for visitors.
  5. Combat poaching through a vigilant and dedicated team of conservation scouts (wildlife scouts).
  6. Establish effective internal management and operational procedures.
  7. Foster collaborations with experts, donors, and partners to drive growth and sustainability.
  8. To have a variety of wildlife species through translocation.
  9. Empower the local community through improved livestock practices & services, and educational opportunities (By establishing a livestock ranch/veterinary services nearby for co-existance i.e., We help them keep the livestock and they also help us keep the wildlife).
  10. Enrich the community with essential services such as world-class healthcare and education.
  11. Promote environmental awareness and involvement among community members and visitors.
  12. To have quality transportation standards for tourists on land, air and water. On air, we plan to build an airstrip which will turn into an international airport. On water, the government is proposing the construction of a man-made lake which will suitable for improved boat cruise kind of transportation and also fishing. On land, we are creating standard tracks (roads) which are suitable for game drive within the conservancy.
  13. Perform conservation activities like Planting of trees e.g. bamboo to combat climate change.

Activities you can experience at our conservancy

Rock Climbing at Napeikaleis Rock, Kalosugwar Rocks
RLW Conservancy is rich with a variety of rocks to climb on such as Napeikaleis Rock, Kalosugwar Rocks

Historical Sites
RLW Conservancy has got a number of historical sites to visit like Nangorukaal Shrine and at Apule

Game Drive
We have roads (tracks) within the conservancy suitable for game drive.

We have more than 200 unique bird species to view in the Conservancy. These bird species are rare to find anywhere eg Ostriches and Karamoja Apalis.

Camp Fires
Set up camp fires at various spots within the Conservancy

RLW Conservancy provides beautiful spots for picnics

We have Kalosugwar Rock, Napeikaleis Rock suitable for sunbathing within the conservancy

Great views
Enjoy the endless thrilling and beautiful vastness of the Conservancy.